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  3. I was a student of Norman’s at Cornell and had taken at least three of his art courses whilst I in Ithaca between 1973 and 1977. As I write , I ma now 63 and he has never left my side throughout all these years …he was there “in my mind’s eye” as I went to visit art galleries or simply observed a piece of art wherever it was…. in fact in the way I looked at anything structural, such as architecture and form of design.

    What I learned from him is forever embedded in me…so much so, that I can still today recite his “incantations” on color form and space, on verticals and horizontals, the careful use of diagonals, light and dark, the use of texture and of “rhythmic repetition”, the dominant, the subdominant and the minor in composition … and much more.

    He was strict and demanding for sure…but his humility when it came to his own work was striking. I did not do well at all in his Sculpture Class, but came back for more in Painting. It was then that he honored me with appreciation and encouragement. And, I will never forget his “horror” when I came to say goodbye when I graduated from Cornell and told him I had accepted a Job at Procter & Gamble in Marketing.

    Thank you ever so much Norman for the precious gift you gave me.

    Suhail Constantin Saad