Southwest series – 1946-48

Beginning during the period of study for his B.A. at the University of Colorado, Norman Daly took inspiration from the Southwest US and Native American art. These works were first shown at the Bertha Schaeffer Gallery in New York City in 1949-1950 in both group and one-man shows.

Bulls, Cows and Birds – 1948-49

At this time, we are uncertain what may have inspired these works.

Colored Marker Series  ~1995

Other Works

Watercolor Series – 1945

This series of watercolors was exhibited in a one-man show at the Mortimer Brandt gallery, New York City in 1945. These were intended as reference photos made by Gebbie Daly (Norman’s wife) with a Brownie camera. The developed B&W photos were affixed to file cards with metadata for each. Only 3 of the original paintings are among our holdings, but have been recently photographed in color. You will notice some glare from glass. Many of those B & W in the series are in private collections.


In the 1960’s Daly began a shift from 2-dimensional to 3-dimension work, which heralded the eventual transformation of his art, resulting in the vast installation of the ‘Civilization of Llhuros’, 1972 — the first known work in the genre of archaeological fiction.

Student and Early Work

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